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Macmeth Al Khaleej management is committed to maintain a Quality, Healthy and Safety plan in all our working places. The goal of Macmet Al Khaleej project management team is to implement and maintain quality of work, health and safety management system as an integral part of the overall business management process in order to meet the project goals. The goals of Macmet Al khaleej PMT teams are:


- To implement quality of the work as per applicable standards for the project with respect to internationally recognized authorities & host nation applicable standards and regulations. 

- To maintain HSE management system that complies to the requirements of OHSAS 18001 (1999). 

- To ensure that companies with whom we contract have an effective quality, health and safety management system & their participation in our HSE management system.




- Suitably qualified and experienced management representatives will be appointed to administer Quality,  Health and Safety management system.

- International best practices available to the construction industry will be adopted, if in accordance with applicable Host Nation standards and regulations.

- A system of audit and monitoring will be implemented throughout the project to gauge the effectiveness of the system and provide a mechanism for continual improvement of health & safety performance.